Consulting & Production
One-time consultations on the development of NFT projects
As part of the consultation, you can ask the necessary questions that will help you form a project development plan, find key points for its development

Conducting AMA sessions and Masterminds

Expert sessions for custdev of your ideas and community development.

Launch of the NFT project
This is a complex service to support the launch of a project from scratch.
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  • Selection and management of the team and also progress of work;
  • Recommendations of the project to industry participants;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the presentation;
  • Negotiations with partners and influencers, mentioning the project in social networks and on the website;
  • Conducting AMA sessions;
  • Conducting Masterminds.
Project Management + Influence Marketing:
The initial study to launch takes about a month and a half. It includes:В него входят:
  1. Optimisation of the concept
Unpacking the project: its idea, the main characters, talking heads and value system.
Stages of the project launch:
  • Drafting
2._Marketing strategy development:

  • Audience selection;
  • Selection of communication channels;
  • Concept test on an expert mastermind;
  • Concept test on the target audience;
  • Writing a concept and project plan (Roadmap/Mindmap);
  • Choosing a sales strategy;
  • Detailed budgeting;
  • Selection of team members;
  • Compilation of a list of international project partners for collaborations.
  • Visualization
Management of creating a visual concept, brand book of the project. At this stage, we choose a visual image, corporate fonts, artists, and a sales method.

  • Tokenomics
This stage takes place with the participation of individual experts in tokenomics. The producer will help in the selection of team members (payment for each of the participants is agreed separately):
  • Team Leader (a well-known character who is constantly involved in the development of the project. Most often this is an artist or developer);
  • Developer of a smart contract and project website;
  • Community managers (specialists in social networks and feedback for the audience);
  • Security experts (a company that ensures the safety of the project and is the guarantor of reliability);
  • Production (specialists in video processing and creation of marketing materials);
  • The main team responsible for the implementation of marketing and sales (preparation of marketing materials for working with social networks, visual media files, processing of promotional materials for social networks, packaging and administration of social networks, conducting AMA sessions, working with alpha groups, advertising purchase);
  • PR (specialists in creating the image and packaging of the project, as well as in creating traffic).
  • Advertising
At this stage, traffic is purchased from top influencers in social networks, SEO, advertising in NFT calendars, exchanges, etc.
  • Exhibitions, conferences
A necessary step to increase awareness and growth of the project audience. Participation in exhibitions and events where you can present a stand of your project, hold a PR event, a party, or simply participate in person.

  • Additional options
  • Development of bots in Telegram;
  • Marketmaking: mint support when implementing a collection through a bot system, liquidity management.
Art management
A service to increase the audience of a brand, project or person.
It is also necessary when creating galleries and art spaces.
We were the first to hold NAT ART exhibitions and have extensive experience in the development of this direction and a database of artists.
  • Drawing up the concept of an art event, space or art brand
  • Selection of artists from Russia and the world Tier-1,2
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