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My name is Olga Dvoretskaia. I’m a producer in NFT and ART&TECH projects.
My journey
By education I'am a communication and brand management specialist. My own path in crypto started in 2017 when I launched the first experimental crypto art auction #CryptoShark 1−8 and at the same time began to develop a strong crypto community in Moscow.

Then we tied the cost of paintings to BTC and sold all seven works from the series in six months and got 10X! We started with 2k USD and finished with 20k USD for a painting. And so began my path of research in ART&TECH.
In 2019, I focused on the development of digital art and started the Disartive project

Before that, I researched directions for a long time and, as part of the online project ART MONDAYS, I sold the first series of digital works by artist Stas Sumarokov on the Rarible platform.
In the fall of 2020, the first exhibition-fair of digital art in Russia, Disartive, was held, and soon the second, in June 2021, in Nizhny Novgorod.

From that moment on, many media began to write about me, and every day, from morning to evening, hundreds of questions about what NFT rained down on me. Therefore, in September 2021, I decided to create the first launch of NFT ACADEMY. Now it is a large educational project in which dozens of students take part.
I am always open to new ideas and collaborations. Please fill in the form and I will definitely reply!
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